Personal Stories

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Angela Berens

Angela Berens_HeadshotI was 34 weeks pregnant and it was in the middle of the night when I woke with painful headache. As my headache grew worse and my husband realized that I wouldn’t speak he rushed me to emergency and I woke up two weeks later.
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Angela Thomas

angelaTI had a stroke in May 2000, I was 32 years old. Being a non smoker, non drinker, having normal blood pressure and not being overweight I was not considered at risk of having a stroke.
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Fiona Bell

fionaBOut of the blue I had a seizure at 7am in the morning. After 10 days recovering in Maitland Hospital, it was considered an isolated seizure – probably never to happen again. Unfortunately that was not the case. I had another one at home and then I got slowly sicker – eventually arriving at the John Hunter Hospital.
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Peter Stuart

Peter Stuart_HeadshotI was admitted to hospital in early 2001 with severe angina and could not lift my left arm more than about 6 inches.
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