Executive Team

Meet the Executive Team

We are forming an exciting new Executive Board. The current Board consists of Professor Linda Worrall (Chair), Associate Professor Deborah Hersh (Deputy Chair), Annie O’Connor, Claire Hession, Frankie Banszki, Damir Muftic, Claire Bennington, Bruce Aisthorpe, and Wendy Hurley.

Professor Linda Worrall (Chair)

Linda-Worrall photo

Associate Professor Deborah Hersh (Deputy Chair)

Deputy Chair

Annie O’Connor  (Board Director)

Annie O'Connor, AAA Board Director


Claire Hession    (Board Director)

Frankie Banszki (Board Director)

Bruce Aisthorpe (Board Director)

Photo Bruce Aisethorpe

Damir Muftic      (Board Director)

Claire Bennington (Board Director)

Wendy Hurley     (Board Director)