“Let’s talk” | Australian Reusable Face Mask/Headband Set


Protect yourself AND help raise money for a charity! This mask is raising money towards the Australian Aphasia Association (AAA).

Please note this is a non-medical grade mask.



The best fitting and most comfortable face mask with a matching headband + buttons to relieve sore ears.

  • best size for men and women
  • fitted design
  • nose wire for support
  • pocket for filter paper
  • washable
  • 3 layers of fabric
  • face mask attaches to the buttons on the headband rather than behind the ears to relieve the pressure that builds up from wearing a correctly fitted mask
  • comes in many beautiful colours
  • please message for any requests for alternative sizes and fabric

How to use and care for your face mask:

  1. Wash and dry your mask before use (handwash only)
  2. Optional: with washed hands, put filter inside the pocket. It should sit over the nose and mouth area. The filter should be removed and kept in a sealed bag when not in use. Depending on the filter, it could be used multiple times.
  3. With washed hands, place mask over the mouth and nose area, fastening the elastic over the ears and onto the buttons of the headband. Note, the flatter section of the mask is the bottom which is placed over the chin.
  4. Pinch the wire in the nose section (without you nose inside it) if it needs tightening.
  5. Wash after each day of use.