Volunteer for the Australian Aphasia Association

We are pleased to announce the 13th Australian Aphasia Association National Conference will be held in Melbourne, Victoria, in 2020.The national conference is made possible through the coordinated efforts of the Association members and volunteers who generously dedicate their time to organise the event.

We anticipate this conference to be our biggest one to date. As such, we would like to make an early call for volunteers who are able to support this upcoming event.

Additionally, there are new things happening within the Association, and we would love for your to be part of it. Please email your expression of interest and Curriculum Vitae to volunteer@aphasia.org.au. More information to follow soon.

Here is your opportunity to support the Aphasia Community and help the Australian Aphasia Association.

We appreciate your support.



What’s in it for you?

1. You’re able to give back to the community which is personally very rewarding
2. You’ll gain experience interacting and connecting with people who have aphasia and their support networks
3. You’ll have the opportunity to gain skills across a range of areas.